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I am a Carer

I am a carer.

When we say carer you may be looking after a family member, a friend, or you may be doing it in a professional capacity. Whatever your relationship is with our customer we can help.

If you are a carer contacting us on behalf of one of our customers we will be happy to discuss the account and our processes in general terms.

If contact is by phone and our customer is able to complete some security questions with us we can accept their permission to talk to you. This permission will only apply during that call.

If our customer’s condition is likely to mean you are in a caring role for a long time it may be worth discussing setting up a Release of Information with them, or possibly a Power of Attorney to enable you to talk freely with us about the specifics of their investments.

Further support can be found here:

Carers UK
0808 808 7777
Mon-Fri 9am -6pm

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