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Trust planning

Simplifying trusts

A trust can be an invaluable financial planning tool, both helping you to mitigate tax and giving you control over how and when your wealth is distributed.

Your financial adviser will guide you through the process of choosing and setting up a trust, but here is some handy information to get you started.

A basic understanding of trusts

A trust can be an important element of good financial planning, but if you are new to them they can appear complicated.

Questions for you to consider

  • Do you want to retain control of your assets during your lifetime?
  • Is bloodline planning important?
  • Do you think your Will protects you?
  • How will your investments be controlled after your death?
  • Is losing 40% to tax upon death a concern?

Trusts explained

Read our simple guide that explains what a trust is, why it can be beneficial to have one, and ways of creating and managing the process.

Learn about trusts

Next steps

Contact your financial adviser to discuss how a trust could be right for you.

Don't have a financial adviser?

Our 'find an adviser' tool will help locate a suitable expert for your needs.