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Release of Information / Letter of Authority

If you would like someone to talk to us on your behalf you have a few options available:

  • If you call us and are able to complete some security questions we can accept your permission to talk to a third party who is there with you. This permission only lasts as long as the phone call, and we will not be able to talk to that person if they phone us without you being physically present to give us permission for that call. They will not be able to make any changes or withdraw money from your investment.
  • A Release of Information (ROI), sometimes known as a Letter of Authority (LOA), will give someone you trust ongoing permission to gain information about your account. They will not be able to make any changes or withdrawals.

We can speak to a third party on your behalf, for example a friend, family member or solicitor.

To give your consent to have their details added to your account, we will ask you to send us a written request confirming their details and yours, along with your signature.

If a third party calls us for information on your account, we will not provide any information without written consent from you.

Once we have received the letter, the details will be added to your record, and when they call us we will be able to give them information that they ask for. For example, a valuation or the date of a payment in or out of your account.

If an account has an ROI noted we can release information to the authorised party for a year after the account closes. If an ROI is applied after an account closes it will be effective for one calendar year from the date we apply it.

If you would like to talk to a financial adviser but you don’t have one, then you can find one using our Find an Adviser tool.

If you need a trusted third party to be able to give instructions on your behalf you should consider a Power Of Attorney. 


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