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Acceptable ID documents

There are situations when we will ask you to provide documents for identification.

Once we have noted these will not ask for them again.

Below is a complete list of documents we are able to accept:

One item from List A OR Two items from List B OR One item from List B and one item from List C.


  • Valid passport - Not expired
  • Valid photocard driving licence (full or provisional) - Not expired
  • National identity card (non-UK nationals) - Not expired
  • Firearms certificate or shotgun licence - Not expired
  • Identity card (issued by electoral office for Northern Ireland) - Not expired.


  • Valid old style paper driving licence (full) - Not expired
  • State/local authority benefits book/letter (including housing or council tax benefit) – issued in last 12 months
  • Tax credit notification - issued in last 12 months State pension documentation - within issued in last 12 months.


  • Educational or other grant (state/local authority NOT student loan company) - issued in last 12 months
  • Court appointment (e.g. Liquidator, Grant of Probate, etc) - issued in last 12 months
  • Current council tax demand letter or statement - issued in last 12 months
  • Current bank statement issued in last 6 months by a regulated financial company in the UK/EU
  • Utility bill (not printed from the Internet) - issued in last 6 months.

If you do not wish to send us an original document in the post we are able to accept a certified copy instead.

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