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I do not have a financial adviser

We are happy to deal directly with you if you do not have a financial adviser (or even if you do), but we need you to know what we are able to do for you and what you would need to talk to a financial adviser about.

If you would like any information about your investments we can help with factual answers, and we can guide you through processes such as withdrawals or changing your address. The way we do this is described as an “execution only” basis – whatever you ask us to do we will do – as long as it can be done.


However, Quilter is not able to provide any advice or opinion on any actions you request, and that is where a financial adviser is a useful person to know.

While we are able to change your investment from one fund to another, for example, a financial adviser will be in a position to suggest whether that is actually a good idea. They are able to assess the investment choices available to you, as well as factors such as your attitude to risk and the goals you have for your investments, and can then advise your best course of action.

If you would like to talk to a financial adviser but do not have one, then you can find one using our Find an Adviser tool.

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