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Low income / Debt

Spiralling costs in fuel, trying to secure a place on the property market, and increasing energy prices are all headline news.

Behind the headlines are people that may be struggling to keep up or to make ends meet. You may be considering accessing funds that you had set aside for a rainy day, or money that was intended for a future purpose.

If you need to cancel or reduce a direct debit that is being paid into your investment with us we can do this on the phone with you. Our customer service centre number is 0808 171 2626 and is open 8.30-5.30 every weekday.

Now is the time to speak to your financial adviser, as there may be tax implications if you choose to withdraw money from your investments.

You may prefer to try and avoid thinking about it or discussing it, but if you are not familiar with pension rules or potential tax implications in accessing savings early you could end up missing out or find yourself facing an unexpected tax bill.

If you would like to talk to a financial adviser but don’t have one, then you can find one using the Find an Adviser tool.

Alternatively, you may want to reach out to organisations such as:

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