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Secrets to a financially healthy life podcast series

Secrets to a financially healthy life

We've created an exciting podcast series, 'Secrets to a financially healthy life', that features experts from Quilter and outside the business.

This seven-episode series highlights why financial advice is key at every life stage and discusses various topics, from the career advice no one ever told you through to ensuring your finances are retirement ready.

The episodes are full of useful information, expert insights and interesting stories from our guests! To watch or listen, please click on the links below.

Episode 7 - Why don't we talk about money?

Interested in why money is a subject that is often avoided? Join the panel as they discuss why we don’t talk about money and the impact that it can have on your finances.

Listen to Episode 7

Episode 6 - How to manage your finances through uncertain times

Are you listening to the news and wondering how to manage your finances with so much happening? Join the panel as they discuss how to manage your finances when faced with uncertain times.

Listen to Episode 6

Episode 5 - Managing redundancy

Are you looking for some practical tools and ideas to make the most of redundancy? The panel discuss what to do if faced with redundancy and how you can even see it as an opportunity.

Listen to Episode 5

Episode 4 - Building financial stepping stones

Looking to teach children good financial habits? Our guests discuss the importance of teaching children about money as well as providing some useful insights for how you can do this.

Listen to Episode 4

Episode 3 - Retirement ready

Need some expert and insightful advice for retirement? Join the panel as they discuss the emotional and financial sides of retirement.

Listen to Episode 3

Episode 2 - Sudden wealth and what to consider

Have you received or might you receive a significant financial windfall? If so, listen to this episode where the panel discuss what you might want to consider if you find yourself with sudden wealth.

Listen to Episode 2

Episode 1 - The career advice no one ever told you

Do you need some expert career advice? Our guests discuss the key lessons they’ve learnt, the financial considerations you need to make and how the working world has recently evolved.

Listen to episode 1

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Secrets to a financially healthy life