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If you have or suspect you may have ADHD, you may find these notes helpful in preparing for your call to us.

  • Our customer service centre number is 0808 171 2626
  • We will ask you questions for security before we can talk to you about your account, so make sure you have a recent statement or valuation to hand (or if you have online access to your account log in before calling so you have answers at your fingertips)
  • Have a pen and paper close to hand for making any notes during the call
  • If you need a minute to write something down just let us know – we never mind and we would much rather you had all the right details noted before you go
  • If you missed something or are not certain you understood it please do ask us to repeat it or explain it differently – we are here to help you so let us know what you need from us.

We are able to email forms (if you need any) to you during the phone call, and we will be happy to talk through what is required in terms of filling the forms in, how to return them and any other documentation we might ask for.

Further support is available through these websites:

Online support form


ADHD Foundation
Contact 0151 451 9020

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